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OFCCP Supplement

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OFCCP Supplement

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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Supplemental

This notice relates to Executive order 13672 which adds Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to the classes that are protected from discrimination. It will be a stand alone as it only affects a small number of employers.

As noted by the OFCCP, only employers who entered into new or renewed contracts after April 8th, 2015 are affected by the order and thus required to post. New or renewed contracts after January 11th, 2016 also require the OFCCP Pay Transparency notice.

From the FAQ of the OFCCP:

"If I am already a federal contractor, did I have to make any changes before April 8, 2015?

No. The Final Rule became effective on April 8, 2015 and only applies to employers who enter into a new covered federal contract, or modify an existing covered federal contract, on or after that date. Contractors are not required to make changes before April 8, though contractors are encouraged to review their policies and procedures."

Employers who are contractors of the federal government will need to consult their contract to determine whether or not they are required to post this supplement at this time. 

Still, the only employers that will be required to post either the new EEO, or the Supplement, are those whose contracts are covered by the Executive Order, unless the EEOC changes regulations for general employers at the same time.