Recent Changes

July 2020 California: Pasadena: Minimum Wage
July 2020 Oregon: Minimum Wage; Family Medical Leave; Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence; Sick Leave; Breaks and Overtime; and Equal Pay
June 2020 Texas: Unemployment Insurance and Payday Notice
June 2020 Mississippi: Unemployment Insurance
July 2020 California: Alameda: Minimum Wage
July 2020 California: San Francisco: Minimum Wage
July 2020 California: San Leandro: Minimum Wage
July 2020 California: Milpitas: Minimum Wage
July 2020 California: Long Beach Concessionaire Workers: Minimum Wage
July 2020 California: Long Beach Hotel Workers: Minimum Wage
July 2020 California: Emeryville: Minimum Wage
May 2020 South Dakota: Reemployment Assistance
April 2020 Indiana: Teen Work Hour Restrictions
April 2020 California: San Francisco: Public Health Emergency Leave
April 2020 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia: All notices except Pregnancy
July 2020 Minnesota: St Paul: Minimum Wage
July 2020 Nevada: Minimum Wage; Daily Overtime; OSHA
April 2020 Puerto Rico: All notices updated and Women's Bill of Rights added
March 2020 FFCRA: Family First Coronavirus Response Act
March 2020 Corona Virus: Awareness and Guidance
March 2020 Colorado: Minimum Wage
March 2020 Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh: Paid Sick Leave
July 2020 New Mexico: Santa Fe: Living Wage

Poster Requirements

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  3. Florida
  4. Missouri
  5. Illinois
  6. Arizona
  7. Colorado
  8. Rhode Island
  9. Michigan
  10. Maine

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