2 in 1
This 11"x17" poster includes the base information from the CDC on what the Coronavirus is and what should be done to stay safe and healthy.

3 in 1
This 19"x25" poster includes the same information as the 2 in 1 poster above but includes some extra facts and its size makes it more prominent and easier to read.

This 19"x25" poster is more straight to the point and includes images designed to drive home the key points. Available in English and Spanish.

This 8.5"x11" poster includes the Paid Sick Leave and expanded Family and Medical leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Available in English and Spanish.

This 17"x11" poster includes the FFCRA and standard information found in the 2 in 1 poster. Available for Federal and Standard employees in both English and Spanish.

Presidential Guidance
Suggestions from the office of the President of the United States with intent to reduce the pandemic duration.

We also have the following "Handwashing" posters available: