Pennsylvania Philadelphia Ban the Box

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Pittsburgh Ban the Box

Dimensions: 8.5" wide x 11" high
  • This ordinance prohibits employers from asking about prospective employees' criminal records.
  • The law does include exemptions as follows: Criminal Justice Agencies as defined in the Ordinance (for example, prisons, courts, police departments) and employers hiring domestic services workers to work in their homes are exempt. In addition, the Ordinance’s restrictions may not apply when employers are mandated by state or federal law to consider certain criminal histories of applicants. However, even where such mandates exist, most employers will be able to comply with both Ban the Box and the state or federal law by waiting until after the first interview to make criminal history inquiries; unless the state or federal law specifically requires that the inquiry be made on the employment application or during the first interview, employers are required to comply with Ban the Box.
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