About Us

Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute (FWLLI) was founded in 1989 by Mark Haag and is now a family owned business operated by Mark and his wife, Lisa. The company originally began as a labor law consulting firm. At the time, departments such as the Department of Labor (DOL) would fine businesses for various violations, and, not knowing what to do, the businesses would not question the DOL and would simply pay the fine. Mr. Haag saw a need for the businesses to be represented and defended against different governmental agencies. In doing so, they saved companies thousands of dollars as well as helped the companies to correct their problems.

Through this course of business, another need arose. Many clients started asking about mandatory workplace posters. Therefore, FWLLI began the poster business. Since there are so many posters required at both the state and federal level and since laws are constantly changing, business owners and even HR professionals are often confused about what needs to be posted and what posters are current. To simplify things, we created the original All-In-OneTM labor law poster, which includes all mandatory posters for a particular state on one single piece of paper, saving wall space and clearing up clutter.

FWLLI, with its unique background, is a specialist in labor laws and maintains a staff of researchers who keep our All-In-OneTM posters current with the constantly changing state and federal labor law requirements. Moreover, we guarantee that our posters are current, and, if a poster law changes within 60 days of your purchase and a new poster is required, we will replace the out-of-date poster free of charge (excluding shipping charges).

FWLLI has become the nation's leading provider of labor law posters. Our company has grown from four employees operating out of a small room to multiple employees operating in a 15,000-square-foot company-owned building. We attribute part of our growth to the fact that we are willing to bend over backwards for our clients. If you want your logo on a poster or want us to create a customized poster just for you, we'll do it. If you have special shipping needs or need us to add inserts, we'll do that, too. And, if you need a product we don't provide, we'll do our best to get it for you. We may even start a whole new line of business. It's just what we do.